Espresso  Machines
All about full automatic espresso-machines
Endless options
Full automatic espresso machines are perfect for households where everybody wants to drink something else. Espresso, lungo, cappuccino, latté or tea? It’s all possible with a full automatic machine.

Most machines provide the possibility to customize every drink to your preference, meaning you can choose how much water is added to your coffee and how fine the beans are ground.
This can be a big advantage if you like your coffee a bit stronger or weaker then what the machine usually offers you.

Milk frother
Almost every full automatic machine comes with a milk frother. The milk frothers come in two variations: a steam wand and a internal milk frother.
With a steamwand it can be a difficult task to get a perfect cappuccino. If the boiler of your machine is not powerful enough, the steam coming out of the wand will be to weak to really froth the milk. If you instist on buying a machine which comes with a steam wand, we strongly suggest to buy a more expensive machine with a powerful boiler. This does half of the work for you.

A internal milk frother usually uses long lasting milk, which can be placed in a container, placed inside of the machine.
The milk is usually transferred trough a plastic tube or the machine itself.
This is a fairly easy way to get a good milk based coffee drink, because you don’t have to froth it yourself. Keep in mind though, that not every machine has a good milk frother.
The best thing to do is read customer reviews, to decide which milk frother is suitable for you.

The boiler is one of the most important parts of a full automatic machine. A boiler decides how fasts your water heats up, how many different drinks you can make at the same time and ultimately it decides how fasts you get your cup of coffee.
When it comes to the material of a boiler, you want to get one which is made out of RVS.
This type of material is easy to clean and also extends the lifetime of you machine.

If you want to make a milk based drink and don’t want to wait a couple of minutes, it is highly advised to choose a full automatic machine with a double boiler. Where appliances with a single boiler take up to 30 seconds to provide the possibility to switch between making coffee and using your steamwand, with a double boiler you can directly switch from making your espresso, to using the steamwand. This means that your espresso is still fresh, when you mix it in the milk.

The important question

There is one important question you have to ask yourself when buying a full automatic machine with all these extra feateres. Do you really need them? If you only drink one cup of black coffee a day, a milk frother and double boiler will not be needed.

If you want to buy your first ‘serious’ espresso machine, a full automatic espresso machine is perfect for you.

It makes freshly ground coffee, sometimes even steamed milk and all you have to do is press a button.

Do you want to know the basics about full automatic espresso machines? Then this is the place to find all your information.